5 Quick Back to School Hairstyles

Hi guys how are you lately here today, I’m going to be showing you my top favorite quick hairstyles for everyday this stuff is great for days when you have kind of your bangs a little bit too much in your face and you want to just do something really fast and easy and go out the door for school work any day any occasion they’re perfect.

So let’s get going the first one they’re very very basic. So the first one I’m just gonna brush my hair really quickly and this is just a very kind of, I would say hippyish almost look it’s very quick braid and it’s just going to be pulled back and what you do is just pull it to the side we’re gonna just pin it down with a bobby pin just like that and, I usually don’t like to see the bobby pin on the sides. So what, I do is, I just take a bit of hair and, I kind of cover it up like that.

So it’s still there but it’s covered up, I hope you guys can see what you can do with this side of the hair is so that it’s a little more balanced and it’s a little funkier. So you don’t have like the same exact thing happening on both sides, I just kind of hit pick up this front you know overgrown banks or a fringe or whatever you have and just kind of do a very quick twist like that and again pin it down with a bobby pin basically the same thing but you just don’t want to sometimes, I don’t like to have exactly the same thing happening on both sides.

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So it’s not too too predictable and you do exactly the same thing. So it looks like that. So you just put it down and cover it with hair and you have this kind of fun little way to get your hair away from your face and still looks cute.

So for the second look we’re going to just pick up the hair the same thickness of hair right above their ears about maybe an inch or two inches of a thickness and then just pull it back and we’re going to be doing with this is literally just using one of these elastic bands just putting it together like attaching the two together open it up and attach it in the back really really fast and really easy to do, I mean I’ll show you guys how it looks from the back there you go if it’s a little uneven you can just pull it you know this way okay. So for this look it’s just a variation of the same thing, I just did right now and I’m going to show you how it looks from the back this is I’m calling this kind of like a cascading waterfall effect and pretty much you’re going to take the hair I’ll tell you what, I did the same thing that you did you just picked up the hair and pulled it back exactly the same thing I’m going to pull the hair just underneath there from both sides and using these little elastic bands let me show you the same things you did before it’s better if it like, I said matches your natural your hair color and just put a pull it back and do the same thing again with the hair from underneath I’ll show you from the side and it’s just very pretty and kind of almost looks like a variation of a fishtail braid like a very opened up fishtail braid but it’s really not a braid. So very cute very easy adorable umm, I love it and it takes like less than a minute okay.

So for this next look it’s just going to be a very basic pouf at the front and with just a bit of teasing. So we’re going to just brush the hair forward the part that you’re going to be you know taking back and teasing and then put your hair back and then decide how big you want your proof usually, I go for maybe like in the middle of your eyebrows you can take it up that’s where you kind of start and then it goes and, I could really triangular-shaped backwards. So you’re going to take that section and just kind of pick it up and this is basically what you’re going to be teasing but the back of this.

So go like that forward brush it again and just using a regular teasing brush and just tease right there just a little bit and now if you kind of put it back it already kind of stands you see without even here it’s great. So now we’re just going to make sure that it’s neatly tucked back and we’re going to just pick it up and do a little twist in the back like almost like in the back of your head and then push it forward let me just do this. So you can see the tongue and when you push it forward it gets this little bump and then now depending on how big you want it, I mean you can go like this right and it’ll be really big for me, I like just the middle.

So right about there and then using bobby pins just secure it in place just there’s one and then the second one on the other side and don’t worry if it’s a little uneven what you can do is just take your rat tail comb and kind of go in and push the hair that you where you feel like it’s uneven just kind of take it out a bit and holding holding the hair back. So it’s not coming out completely just kind of pull out the hair that you feel should be out. So that it has a very even even bump and there you are you’ve got a little poof and I’ll show you how it looks from the back I’m just gonna straighten out the hairs that are sticking out and there is a side view this way it looks very cute.

So onto the next one. So this last look I’m going to do is again very easy and what it does is creates an illusion of sort of like a swooping side bang take a piece from the front and kind of pull it back and pull it back and pull it up at the same time and then grab a bobby pin secure it just like that very very easy and then do the same thing on this side. So take the hair all the way from the from the ear to the top just kind of back and forward push it up there you go grab a bobby pin just go in and secure that okay now for the how to create this sort of bang you’re just going to pull on the bank just a little bit.

So it comes forward and now that you’ve done that and the bobby pin sort of shifted you want to add another one just. So that. So that it’s more secure.

So we’re just going to go in like a crisscross motion and just secure that again and the trick here is just grab your rat tail comb and we’re going to just pull a bit of hair from the back just like that and oops and then just cover just brush it and then just cover the the bobby pins. So it looks like this very clean and very very cute and do the same thing. So just grab another bobby pin and just secure that again just like that and now do the same thing with it over here of being on the other side just go in with a rat tail comb and just carefully pick up some hair from the back just brush it and let it sort of fall and cover cover the bobby pins and.

So you have this kind of very cute and clean look without even seeing the bobby pins it just looks like the hair just magically sort of slipping to the side. So there you have it these were my top, I think it was five quick everyday hairstyles that you can do in a matter of a few seconds and just go out the door thank you guys. So much for your continued support we really really really appreciate it favorite the post if you liked it and comment to the blog for many many more tutorials to come thanks a lot bye.

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