5+ The Best Blushes for Glowy Skin

Best Powder Blushes:

nars orgasm blush


NARS Cosmetics

But either way, it’s really cute. So I don’t even care how to take this next outfit is really boho inspired or in my opinion this boho inspired the shorts I don’t really know where I got them. But the store says on the tag Boheme the shirt is from American Eagle, and I’m just running a plain headband around my forehead then this necklace I got for my grandma for my birthday, 5+ the best blushes for glowy skin
and I’ll post my birthday haul below then these cute sandals are from Bass just like before this outfit is really royal inspired to me or at least a casual version of a royal inspired outfit well basically this is a really cute pair of high-waisted shorts, and it really looks like a high-waisted skirt doesn’t it will export this I use a really cute cream-colored ruffled shirt from max rave, and I got us a couple years ago.

It can’t be a blush post without mentioning NARS Orgasm ($30).

Milani Luminoso ($7.99),

colourpop super shock blush

Such a unique formula.

Colourpop, Cosmetics.

So I’m not really sure if they still sell it then I’m wearing a plain black band gel from American Apparel under the shirt with a shirt went a little too low for my style then these black, and white polka dot wedges are from American Eagle, and these are just plain silver bangles that I got from the same person to the same birthday like I said before these wedges are from American Eagle, and forever casual feel to this outfit just go ahead, and put on a plain colored solid t-shirt, 5+ the best blushes for glowy skin
and it’ll work just fine this outfit isn’t really anything inspired it just happens to me that I love to standards most people think of suspenders with like nerds.

Between the Sheets ($8) and, Never Been Kissed ($8).

Best, Cream, Blushes:

becca beach tint

Perfect for that sunkissed glow!

But like c’mon guys look at how cute they are like they are from forever 21, and they come like that you can detach the suspenders area. But like why would you even do that undo the suspenders I’m wearing a mint green tank top from sort ILI’s okay well sometimes I guess you can say this is farm girl inspired.

Cult Beauty

Becca Beach Tint ($25).

elf cream blushes

So pretty and affordable!

ELF Cosmetics

But I failed to meet a farm girl who has worn suspenders with shorts then these cute braided flip-flops are from a store called weave then this outfit yeah I know, it’s kind of weird.

ELF Cream Blush Palette($6)

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream Duo($4),

Best Liquid Blushes:

nars liquid blush

Ugh, so beautiful!

But, it’s a really cute romper from forever 21, and can I like about us the back is open then I’m wearing this really cute scarf, it’s lace. So, it’s like good for summer, and you know you can’t really use a winter scarf for summer. So like whatever I got the lace scarf from Target, and I got the romper from forever21 like I said the shoes that I’m wearing are the same shoes as I wore before.


NARS Liquid Blush ($30)

Glossier cloud paint swatches

So many shade options!

But just in case you missed it there for American Eagle you American Eagle peekaboo thank you guys.

So much for reading I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post let me know what you think in the comments below, and follow me on to.


I know Glossier markets Cloud Paint ($18)

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