5+ The Best Mascaras for Perfect Lashes

For a little extra oomph:

glossier lash slick

Quickly iconic.


But put it on a headband to keep the hair out of our face then apply primer to your lids, and then take a white shimmery eyeshadow, 5+ the best mascaras for perfect lashes and apply it to the inner area of the lips then take any glittery purple it could be a base or a gel liner just apply it to your lips.

Glossier’s Lash Slick ($16)

CoverGirl Clump Crusher ($7.99

For lashes that, need a little more help:

Such, great lift!

and then blend it then use a light ish purple I’m using shaft by Milani I just apply it between the white, and the purple then take a bright purple, 5+ the best mascaras for perfect lashes and apply it to the rest of your lip now take a darker bright purple at apply it to your crease, and outer V using the Coastal Scents 88 palette.

Benefit, Cosmetics

Roller Lash, by Benefit ($24)

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational ($8.99)

For full-blown lash drama

better than sex mascara

Holy grail.


Too Faced Better Than Sex($24).

I’m going to take a navy blue is purple, and apply to my outer V as well then blend it all up a lot with a small flat shader brush I’m going to take the same white that I used before, and apply Tai air duct, and lower inner lash line, and we’re just seeing Purple’s that I used before, and applied to my lower lash line in the same order that I applied it to my upper lip use any liquid liner, and just apply it to your entire upper lash line, and then after that just a little bit of the outer lower lash line then curl your lashes, and prepare to layer on your favorite mascara then.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise ($7.49),

For those who want to be a little extra:

pmel essence mascara base

My secret to the best lashes of my life.

With the same white highlight just highlight your brow bone, and then of course the legend now we’re going to take a matte darker powder that’s darker than your skin tone, and contour your cheeks, and no need for a lipstick.

Because his eyes are a little bit intense. So just apply your favorite chest it can be done. So I hope you guys like this look here’s how it turned out in the very end, and it’s just the eye pretty much in a little contour of the face.


Japanese mascara base by Pmel ($14.66) 


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