5 Ways To Style Bangs Hairstyles

Hi darlings I’m Jenny from Margot and me and today I’m going to be sharing five ways style your bangs most women have a love-hate relationship with their banks including myself they’re a huge commitment not exactly low maintenance but when you get them to cooperate they’re worth every moment whether there are thicker blunt side-swept and effortless a little bit of fringe is a perfect way to shake things up in the beauty department it’s all about finding the right style for your face.

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So here are five different ways to style your friend we’re going to start off with one of my favorite looks super sleek and long locks to create length and thickness I’m going to use luxy hair extensions in the chestnut-brown in 160 gram once your extensions are in we want to focus on creating those straight bangs use a small flat brush and a blow dryer first blowing them to the right and then to the left this will ensure there isn’t too much body or bend in the bag then simply use your flat iron to straighten the rest of your strand for those moments when your bangs are a little less cooperative, I like to opt for the side swept look it’s a beautiful way to frame your face even if you don’t have things you can create the illusion of five-foot bangs but simply pinning your hair behind your ear this look calls for a little more texture. So I’m also going to add a bend to finish it off with a little texturizing spray didn’t have time for a trim long bangs make for a great Center part look throw your hair into a low bun and use your blow-dryer to create a natural windblown look to give your hair a little more texture then part them slightly down the center and, I like to give the sides a little curl to make it look more polished on days when you just can’t deal you’re just a twist away from a super-sweet look with the two strand twist, I like to begin my twist a little farther to the right to get a few longer hairs in there it helps a smaller one stay secure to get them to stick better use a bit of hairspray before the twist always put away from your face and either tuck the hair or create a pretty twist that goes around and secure with a bobby pin another great way to get your bangs off your face is the top knot first wet your bangs and blow-dry them back away from your face then section the top of your hair and add a little texturising spray to give it a little boost then twist it into a bun and use bobby pins to create your shape don’t play much, I like to give a little more texture to my hair when creating this look as well. So I’ll give it the curl and finish with texturizing spray if you enjoyed today’s tutorial be sure to give it a big thumbs up and if you decide to recreate any of these looks use the hashtag let’s see here, I also have a blog.

So be sure to come check it out there’s a link down below in the description box thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you guys next time.

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