7 Hairstyles That Look Good All Day

Today, I’m gonna take you from morning to night with my hair, literally showing you everything that happens to my hair throughout the day. I hope that you guys enjoy it. Maybe if you want to see some more hair care routine Posts from me, let me know in the comments below, and I hope you guys enjoy this Post. Let’s get into it. So I guess my hair’s first thing is getting taken out of a braid every day. Now I’m getting ready to go boxing, so, have to do my hair. Ba-bam. Now, just repeat the same thing on the other side.

Alright. I’m out, prepared to see one very red Kayley in the next clip. I told you. I love boxing, but I think I’m ready for a nap now. So I’m washing my hair every other day. I used to stretch it out a little bit more between washes, but my resolution was to conquer cardio, which means that my workouts are intensely more sweaty than they used to be, so I’m washing my hair more often. So, on my hair today, I’m gonna use the Living Proof Restore line. This is nothing new for my hair, I’ve been using it for a few weeks, it’s made a big difference on my hair.

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The whole line is basically about, like, healing dry, damaged hair, making it act like it wasn’t ever damaged in the first place. Also meant for fried hair. I’m not gonna claim fried, I don’t think my hair is fried, but dried and damaged, yes. So, I’ve been using it on my hair and it’s made a big difference. So I’m using the shampoo, which is great for, like, restoring, helping your hair to be more manageable, but it also helps to repel dirt and oil, so you can go longer between showers. And then I’m gonna use the deep conditioning mask today. I really love the conditioner in the collection, but it’s mask day, and this is for deeply nourishing and reversing damage on your hair. It’s one of my new favorite deep conditioning masks, and I do not say that lightly, I am very picky with my masks. This one is really good and I really recommend it.

I’ve even used it to bring, like, pretty old almost done hair extensions back to life, which has been a big plus, ’cause extensions are expensive. So, gonna go use these on my hair, and I’ll be back. First I have to finish this gosh awful protein shake. Say hello, everyone! Hello! I’m clean! Praise. Shower after workout, best thing ever. Now, I have some rules when it comes to washing my hair that I’m gonna share with you. Rule number one. Always detangle your hair before you shower. Rule number two. Always focus your shampoo on your scalp. That’s where oil, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells are, and when you get rid of them, it adds volume to your hair and it also creates a healthy scalp that can grow more hair for you. Number three. Apply conditioner to all dry areas of your hair, including the pieces around your face. The more you know.

Now I’m gonna get to my leave-in conditioner, which, if you guys have been following me since the OG days, you know I have been obsessed with leave-in conditioner since the beginning of my channel. So today, I’m hitting my hair with a one-two punch, and, uh, that’s lame. Let’s rewind. I’m actually using two today to get all the benefits that I want. The first one is the Restore perfecting spray. This one is for smoothness, shine, heat protection and detangling, and then I’m using the instant repair, which helps to make your hair times stronger, and reduces the creation of new split ends by %. So that’s what I’m using today.

I think I’m gonna start with this one. And then just run it through, making sure that I hit those front pieces of hair, because they are extra damaged. They might be fried, I might call those fried. Sorry, hair. Now for some shine, smoothness, heat protection. And after that restore spray, I’m gonna use a detangling brush that is meant for wet hair to go through all of those tangles. So at this point, I’m gonna let my hair air dry as much as I can. I usually let it air dry, like, , %, and then I’ll hit it with a blow dryer at the very end, just to smooth and add a little bit of volume to the roots, and then, while my hair air dries today, I’m gonna do some makeup and do my nails, and I’ll be back. Makeup is on, hair is still drying, so it’s time for nails. So I haven’t quite finished my nails yet, they have been filled and shaped, but I still need to paint them. Before I do that, my hair is definitely at like, % slash maybe a little bit more than that dry, so I’m gonna hit it with the blow dryer on medium heat, just to, y’know, hit up some volume, smooth everything out.

I have a couple wavy areas and I find that if I blow dry it, they dry straight, so, I’m going to do that now. I love it when it’s at this stage, it just feels so healthy. I’m gonna let my hair chill for a little bit. If I was just gonna be working on the computer or whatever all day, I would probably just leave my hair here, but I am gonna see some friends tonight, and I kind of wanna film an Instagram Post of, like, a hair tutorial situation, so I might end up doing some more with it later. And if I do, I’ll let you know. Okay, so the only thing that’s happened in the past couple hours is that I have painted my nails, caught up on TV and rested, ’cause it’s the weekend and maybe I should have filmed this Post on a little bit more of an eventful day, but you know what?

Same stuff happens in my hair no matter what. So, now I’m gonna actually give my hair a very soft wave, so I’m gonna use heat protectant spray. This is the instant protectant weightless heat and UV protection, and I like this one because it adds shine, it adds smoothness, and it doesn’t weigh my hair or my curls down. So this is actually just gonna be really simple. I’m just gonna take my iron through here, give my hair a little bit of body and movement.

So, I don’t curl my hair every day, but typically, on days where I washed my hair, I like to go ahead and curl it, because then I have it, like, nice and pretty day one, usually it holds onto some curl for day two, and then I wash it again on day three. And I don’t curl my hair every single time I wash it, but, y’know, this way you at least get to see, like, the full situation. I keep trying to get more and more into the Undone thing, ’cause it’s significantly more cooler than, like, my Pinterest princess vibe. But I like Pinterest princess! Alright, so that’s done. I’m gonna go film my tutorial and I’ll show you guys the aftermath.

And she’s back! It took a lot longer to do that than I thought it would. It took me, like, an hour, hour and a half to do all that filming, which I thought was gonna take, like, minutes. But I think it’s gonna be really good. If you guys want a little sneak peek, here we go. Boom, that’s all. You can come back to my Instagram to see the rest. So now I’m gonna go wear this hairstyle out with some friends, and then I’m gonna come back and see you guys before I go to bed, because there’s just a little bit left in my hair routine for today.

So I’ll come back and show you that in a sec. And all my pretty natural light is gone, it must be nighttime. I have had a lovely evening with friends, I’m back, I’m ready to go to sleep and get a nice full night of sleep in, because I internally am a year old, and going to bed early sounds lovely to me. So, all I’m gonna do for my hair to sleep is put it in a bun on top of my head, and that’s gonna help the waves hold overnight and keep my hair from getting tangled slash in my face while I sleep. Just, y’know, wrap your hair into a bun, clip the end. Here you go. And I’m a side sleeper, so this works super duper well for me, but I feel like unless you’re a… sleeping on top of your head sleeper, it’d work for you no matter what. And that is it for a day in the life of my hair. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it, hope that you got something out of it, and I will be back on Saturday with another hair tutorial.

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