8 Cool Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Rainbow hairs, Childhood My Little Pony fantasies have come true – bright lengths can be yours! Spritz on temporary colour or plait in coloured extensions. Let your imagination guide you.

8 Cool Rainbow Hair Color Ideas Photo Gallery

TREND Baking Just got to grips with contouring and strobing? Now, there’s another makeup artist secret to master: baking. After you’ve done your makeup, pat on powder (baby powder works, too), as shown above. Leave it to ‘bake’ for 10 minutes while it absorbs oil and sets your foundation, and then dust off.

Glitter roots Spritz on dry shampoo (to stop the glitter from sticking to your scalp), and then style your hair. Mix glitter with a dab of gel. Paint it onto the roots, not the path.

TREND Fake tattoos Now is your chance to get body art without the commitment. Paint or draw designs onto a body part you want to show off. Opt for non-toxic paint. Not very artistic? Look out for temporary stick-on designs at accessory and specialist stores.

TREND Holographic nails This look exploded on Insta when Gigi Hadid wore it to the Met Ball. Head to the salon as mirror application must be done by a pro.

TREND Clown correcting Here’s what Insta stars really go through to get selfie-perfect. This technique requires skill and serious blending! Green cancels redness, lilac reduces yellow and orange hides blue. The yellow and brown highlight and contour.

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