8 Super Quick Easy Hairstyles – 2-Minute Looks for Work or School

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So much for reading I’m Alexandra and I’m going to share with you ten back-to-school hairstyles that can be achieved in only two minutes all these looks are. So beautiful and they’re also really quick and easy. So, I know you guys are going to love this I’m wearing the new seamless collection and I’m wearing a chocolate brown shade the seamless collection has really thin silicone wefts which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear you don’t have to wear extensions for all the hairstyles in this post however, I definitely recommend it because it just feels really glamorous and, I love having really long full into the hair comment and thumbs up if you enjoyed this post and let’s get started I’m starting this first hairstyle by clipping two single extensions into the middle of a high ponytail and securing with a hair tie next, I just wrap it around into a bun and I’m loosely spinning the hair as I’m wrapping it then secure with bobby pins and you are good to go, I think this is such a fun and easy look and you can easily achieve it with a lot of different hair links plus it’s one of those styles that looks good whether your hair is straight wavy sleek or messy it just looks good on everyone if you are a braid lover then this next style is definitely for you make sure a few of your single clip fluxes are included in a braid and this is just going to give you tons of thickness and volume reverse Dutch braid at the entire length of hair and this just means that the hair goes outwards instead of inwards secure with an elastic and then start to gently pull on the braid and just have it fan out.

So it looks really thick the first time, I saw Lux ease were with huge braids and, I just thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. So, I had to share this with you guys for those of you who prefer to have your hair out of your face simply pull the braid and all the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and pull out some face framing pieces and you are good to go for the next one I’m starting with two low ponytails with a few face framing pieces hanging out next I’m fishtail braiding my hair and if you haven’t tried this technique, I totally recommend it it’s one of those things that definitely takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it it totally becomes second nature there are several posts on the luxy hair blog that include fishtail braiding. So if you’ve never tried it before and you’re a total newbie definitely check them out they’re just.

8 Super Quick Easy Hairstyles – 2-Minute Looks for Work or School Photo Gallery

So helpful and that is exactly how, I learned and lastly all you have to do is just pull on the fishtail braids. So that they are a little larger and more voluminous and then you are all set, I wanted to include another similar look for those of you who aren’t into fishtail braiding or those of you who want a similar look but even easier. So I’m pulling my hair into two low ponytails and then I’m just doing it regular braids and I’m going to be securing them with an elastic and once they’re secure, I just pull on them really gently on each section.

So that they are fuller and thicker I’m sure you’re sensing a trend here, I always do that half buns at the bottom are a really fun way to try something different or if you just want it simple then of course regular ponytails are equally as beautiful I’m starting these next looks out with a high ponytail and this one is definitely my personal favorite up do, I wear this really often. So I’m just going to braid the entire length of hair and once, I get to the bottom I’m just simply securing it with an elastic then once that’s done I’m going to gently pull on each section and just fan it out. So that it has a lot of volume then you can pull out a few baby hairs to secure any that are falling out underneath and you are all set, I really love this you guys, I think it’s just.

So cute and fun I’m starting this next look out the same exact way by braiding my ponytail but I’m not going to be securing it at the end quite yet instead, I first like to wrap it around into a bun and then, I like to use a stronghold hair tie and secure it that way once the hair tie is all in, I basically just pinned the bun like a pin cushion if there is any loop sticking out, I pin them down and, I just keep pinning until it feels really secure and then, I like to pull out some baby hairs and the reason, I like this look. So much is because it looks different from every angle since it’s a braid there’s just always something different going on, I love to wear my hair and a low side braid but, I thought I’d show you guys how, I fake it when I’m in a rush. So I’m starting out with a low ponytail I’m adding in another hair tie and then I’m creating a hole and just pulling my hair through that hole I’m going to repeat the same exact process.

So just add in a hair tie create a hole and then pull the hair through that this looks. So much like a braid, I just cannot even believe it, I do like to pull on it. So it’s even larger and it’s just such a chic look it’s really quick and easy and, I hope you guys love it as much as, I do and that completes this back to school hairstyles post, I really hope that you enjoyed it comment below which hairstyle was your favorite and make sure to use hashtag luxy hair when you share your looks, I also will have a link down below for my blog.

So definitely check that out too wishing you an amazing school year and, I hope to see you again soon bye.

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