How to do 80s makeup for halloween

Personal circumstances, of course, dictate how we react to the stages of life. And, possibly because I had my son relatively late at 37, and really settled into my first calm, romantic partnership 10 years after that, I am still enjoying the novelty of having a person at home to watch television with, argue with about who puts the rubbish out, and hold through the night.

Unlike my character Katherine, I spent my twenties and thirties in a cauldron of relationships that led to no security, so a shared existence with the same person is, for me, the exciting thing.

But even so, every now and again, I look at the map of my life and wonder, What if? What next? I have no plans for trekking to Antarctica, nor taking up shamanism, but I’m aware that if I’m lucky, I have many years ahead of me that could take an entirely new direction. The future is only mine to lose.

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