9 Best Stunning Taylor Swift Updo Hairstyles


How do you get you weaves to look the ones we see on TV?

I would not recommend bleaching the knots as it weakens the hair on the closure and will cause it to shed. Instead, put foundation underneath the lace closure before it is installed. Another tip is to make sure your braids underneath are as flat as possible where the lace closure will be placed.

What is the best density for a closure?

Hair density refers to the amount if hair on the closure. If it is 100 per cent then it’s full, whereas 10 per cent indicates that there’s hardly any hair on the closure. In my opinion, 120 per cent is the best as it’s the most natural looking. Anything higher could look too much like a wig.

9 Best Stunning Taylor Swift Updo Hairstyles Photo Gallery

1. Milkmaid Braid With Fringe:

Milkmaid Braid

2. Ponytail With Bangs:

Ponytail With Bangs

3. Faux Bob:

Faux Bob

4. Bun With Soft Bangs:

Bun With Soft Bangs

5. High Bun:

High Bun

6. Curly Chignon:

Curly Chignon

7. Side Swept Bun:

Side Swept Bun

8. Messy Bun:

Messy Bun

9. Curled Updo:

Curled Updo

10. Twisted Bun:

Twisted Bun


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