A Delicious Pineapple Diet

A Delicious Pineapple Diet

A huge pinch of cinnamon diet Recipe

Remove the water from the apples and empty the weight to a saucepan. Slowly warm up but do not boogie. Put it in a cup when it is fully warmed, add cinnamon and warm it for hot!

Why it’s Hot Choooook!
It is a simple but extremely tasty beverage that soothes and has a very relaxing flavor. Apple raw food is the best source of cancer prevention and health.

Probably the best Body around the world is one of the dreams. The pectin is found in the flesh and it sweeps away toxic wastes from the gut. The humble apple also cleans the liver and kidneys, helping to protect the skin’s nourishment.

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This hot diet will be great for both your taste perceptions in your tongue and your taste buds!

Dietary Supplies

You can remove water from 1 small pineapple crust, but wash it very well

1 apple 1 banana

200gr natural organic yogurt if you do not eat dairy products use soya yogurt V2 tea spoon spirulina

Diet Recipe
Remove the pineapple and chopped water and put it in a blender / smoothie maker along with banana, yogurt and spirulina.
Stir until smooth. This will be more of a 250 g bar; for as much as you want and after you are full, put the rest in a thermos or share it as taught in Sesame Street!

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