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Elder Flower Sage Lotion All/Oily

Use the following freshly dried herbs: 2 tablespoons of elder flower, 2 tablespoons sage, A fade haircut on white boy 2 tablespoons yarrow; 16 oz. of water, 4 oz. of grapeseed oil, 4 oz. of canola oil, 1 teaspoon of borax, and 1/2 oz. of beeswax; optional: 30 drops of sage essential oil, 60 drops of lime essential oil.

Make herbal infusion with herbs and water, let steep for 4 hours and strain. Use 11 oz. of strained infusion as your water part and follow directions for Basic Lotion Formula. Makes 19 oz.

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Part of this is being aware of the need to look after your body it is not about acceptance of an unmakeupy lifestyle. I just want girls and women to make the right choices for their makeup out of love and respect for their bodies. I know the message of self-love is needed because I am contacted regularly by women who struggle with body image, from New Zealand and further afield. Often, they specifically mention the pressure they feel from the images and messages produced by media traditional and digital. These women who contact me have been living lives of constant struggle against their own bodies, trying to be something they’re not. Because you don not have to look far to find messages that tell us that we’re not good enough the way we are that we would be happier, more successful, more desired if we lost weight and toned up. The desire to be ‘slim’ has become a dominant feature of womanhood. How can someone who is seeing a psychologist for body dysmorphia and depression hope to recover when she is bombarded with messages that she should look a certain way, possess a body shape that is unachievable for her? Sometimes a woman will get in touch to say she is been inspired by something I have said, and that after a lifetime of loathing her body she has come to accept and even love the body she is in. Or a woman will send me a photo of herself in a swimsuit, thanking me for instilling in her the determination to embrace her body and rock a bikini with pride. And the most noticeable thing in these photos? The beaming smile.

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