A Japanese massage


Say hello to your personal masseuse. A Japanese massage chair company Inada has launched DreamWave„ which combines Shiatsu master movements with local engineering and provides extension, flexion and rotational stretching for shoulders, mid-back and hips. It also employs state of the art technology to examine the body of the user, detects pressure points and uses scanners, rollers and air compression systems.

Website: www.dreamwavechair.com

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Mostly, these fights were heralded by loud oaths and the sound of smashing glass, followed by thuds and smacks and grunts and curses, then a flooding in of Chinese stallholders before it all died down. No one was ever evicted from the street for fighting, merely moved to the back of the class. At about 3.00 a.m., we ordered steamed crab claws. A photographer came by and took a Polaroid picture of the three of us, glassy-eyed, hunched over our shellfish among a sea of empty beer bottles. Barry was elegantly giving the V-sign as the shutter snapped, which caused John to fly into a rage and shout at Barry for spoiling the picture. Shortly afterwards, I visited the fabled Bugis Street toilets, which were internationally renowned for their vileness: water dripped from the eves; slime slid down the walls inside and out; the air inside was fetid; and the stench unbelievably foul. There were no lights, just a dim paleness filtering from the gas lamps through the permanently-open doorway.

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