A letter of distress

The following are extracts from a letter we received from a man after he read a news article featuring our work.

For almost thirty years I was employed as a Sales Manager for a local manufacturing company and during the last three years of my employment was promoted to Sales Director at a critical time in the company’s history. At this quality) imported products and in consequence the company could not compete and faced what became a slow but inevitable decline from 400 workers to 36.

I was taking sole responsibility for sales. You can probably appreciate the attendant anxiety and frustration I personally experienced. Many were the long nights when I couldn’t sleep, lying there worrying about how I could maintain sales, to arrest the decline of the company. Frequently sweating with anxiety and constantly aware of a heavy throbbing heart-beat in my ear when my head Cp rested on the pillow. Severe angina forced me to retire early.

Nowadays I find I am easily under stress even when doing simple tasks. I have had to break off when writing this letter as I can feel tensions building up in me.

I have not worked for four-and-a-half years and see no prospects of becoming employable again. Please keep pointing out to the general public the dangers of stress situations as I feel sure that some individuals will heed your valuable advice and hopefully will then not have to suffer the indignity’ of being unemployed for the rest of their lives, as I have done.

The sections shown in italics describe some of the signs of bad and ugly stress, both physical and mental.

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