A Story of Success


It should have been the perfect proposal, but when Adam’s plans go awry, Liv is devastated. ‘on a break’. Neither one of them really wanted to split up, but pride and confusion make it Liv goes back to being a vet, and Adam gets stuck into a project – could the time apart be a good, or a bad thing? A romantic, chicklit romp that has a good dose of drama, too. Cold Earth.

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Super sleuth Jimmy Perez is back and there’s another mystery to solve. A landslide smashes through an old croft house that everyone believes to be uninhabited. woman wearing a red silk dress in the wreckage. After it emerges that she was already dead in the house before out the truth of who she was and how she died. A brilliant seventh addition to Cleeves’ Shetland Island series.


From the outside, Liddy James is one of those women; she’s highly successful, a single mom-of-two, one of New York City’s top lawyers, and is utterly fabulous. But the reality is she had a seriously messy divorce, her relationship with her sons is a disasterous incident on prime-time TV, and an escape to the Irish countryside to re-trace her family roots seems to be the only solution to get her life back on track. This down-to-earth read is fun, funny and thought-provoking, with strong female protagonists.

The Wangs vs The World


Charles Wang made a fortune with his cosmetics empire in the USA, but after much lost his entire fortune. He decides to move the family back to China and try to claim back ancestral land. With needs to get from L.A. to New York, to see his oldest daughter, a failed artist. But on the way, the family runs into a series of diversions and complications, forcing Charles to make a tough choice between keeping his family together and his dreams in China. Pack this one in your beach bag; it’s a tonguein-cheek, ideal holiday read.

The One that Got Away BY MELISSA PIMENTEL (PENGUIN) Ruby dated Ethan 10 years ago; they seemed perfect for each other, but things didn’t work out. After a decade spent focusing on her career in Manhatten, Ruby is single – and she’s dreading seeing Ethan, who’s now a big-shot multi-millionaire, and the best man at her sister’s wedding. Could there still be something there, or will Ethan remain the one that got away? Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good love story to get stuck into: this one ticks all the boxes, and is hilarious, too. A relatable take on modern romance.

All of Us and Everything


When the Rockwell sisters were younger, their eccentric mom, Augusta, convinced them that their father was an international spy, constantly away on top-secret missions. It was the only way she could think of to silence their neverending questions about his whereabouts. But an unconventional upbringing didn’t leave them unscathed: all three of the sisters have found themselves living complicated lives. When a hurricane strikes their Jersey Shore family home, they head back to assess the damage, and start to uncover the truth about their family history. The realistic, likeable characters and interesting plot twists make it almost impossible to put down.

The History of Us


Kathleen, Adam and Jocelyn have been friends since they were spotty teenagers… but friends can drift apart over the years, with ties broken and bonds forgotten. When the call comes that Jocelyn is dead, it throws Kathleen Kathleen is an alcoholic and Adam is hiding a shocking secret. Thirty years ago the three of them had so much potential, but where did it all go wrong? Full of wit, warmth, humour and love, this is story of friendships, secrets and the consequences of choices we make.

The Ice Beneath Her


When a woman is found beheaded in the home of missing Stockholm businessman Jesper Orre, homicide detective Peter Lindgren seeks the help of brilliant criminal Alzheimer’s. But they’re not the only ones that he’s responsible for all the terrifying things happening to her since he suddenly disappeared from her life. This gripping story of murder, love and betrayal is really hard to put down. You might want to read it with the lights on, though!

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