Above the shoulder haircuts with side bangs for women


For salon-styled hair, always divide your hair into manageable sections. The more you do, the better the result. Above the shoulder haircuts with side bangs for women Point the hairdryer downwards to close hair shafts, making hair look ultra-sleek.

Above the shoulder haircuts with side bangs for women Photo Gallery

Accepting my body for what it is takes daily practice after a lifetime of wanting to change it, and like any new journey it has its ups and downs. Self-doubt creeps in sometimes but, ultimately, I know that this is where I am and where I need to be: embracing my body with love and giving it the respect it deserves. This acceptance has helped me change the way I speak about myself, especially in front of my daughter. And this new way of thinking has given me an intense feeling of freedom within myself. I feel completely free to do things for love of myself and not be restricted or controlled by goals and targets or a need to change. These days my focus is on encouraging women and girls to embrace positive body image and selflove and compassion. It is about changing the language we use around our bodies and challenging what is considered beautiful and acceptable in the world we live in. I’m trying really hard with the voice and platform I have on social media to balance out the media image of beauty by showing my body exactly how it is, without flattering filters or clever cropping. I want to show women that they are beautiful just how they are that they don not need to obsess if their stomach is not flat or packed out with abs. I want to help women embrace and accept who they are with pride and love, to practise self-love, and in doing so set an example for our impressionable young girls that allows them to embrace the way they look with confidence.

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