Germaine de Capuccini has created its first elixir of youthfulness with oily texture and a powerful regenerating force. A dry oil that provides all the anti-ageing nutrition demanded by dry, fine skin that is lacking in comfort.

The skin is transformed and conquers again the light and firmness of youth fulness.

Its appearance is more radiant than ever.


I got a job at McDonald’s, but on my first day there got a phone call from a woman at Glassons, offering me a full-time role. For a girl from small-town Manaia, a job at Glassons was epic I couldn not believe my luck! Gabe was nine months old when I started working so he had to go into full-time day care. I found a place in Lower Hutt, but it was expensive and most of my wage went to pay for it, which made me even more determined to work harder and get paid more. Gabe would cry every time I left him for the first few weeks and I hated it, too, but like most kids he soon came to enjoy it and he made good friends. That first job at Glassons opened up a whole new, exciting world for me. I was over the moon someone would give this Maori teen mum from the ‘Naki a chance to work in such a cool place. I lapped up every opportunity offered to me. If they asked me to cover in another store or pick up extra shifts I didn not hesitate. We would get a bonus for every shoplifter we caught, and I was an expert: one week I caught five, and went home with more than my weekly wage in bonuses! I am forever grateful to Fleur Marriner, the manager who hired me for that first job; I’ll always be thankful to her for taking a chance on me. Years later she would tell me that she knew immediately she wanted to bring me on board with the company.

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