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Rustic country/ folk rock from the Athens, Georgia troubadour This is the sixth offering from singer-songwriter Adam Klein who it seems can’t release albums frequently enough to keep up with his prolific song-writing. Released on his own Cowboy Angel label, the album is Klein’s most powerful, rawest and rockiest effort to date. Soaring electric guitar, organ with throbbing drums and bass give things a distinctive West Coast feel and at times it’s almost possible to draw a comparison with Neil Young and Crazy Horse. In fact, Klein pays homage to Young, covering one of his more obscure numbers, Bad Fog Of Loneliness. Jason Eshelman (drums), Andy Pope (bass) and David Weiglein (electric guitar) make up the core of the backing band with producer Bronson

Tew adding finishing touches on a variety of instruments. Contributions from Eric Carlton (keyboards) and Stuart Cole (bass) of Mississippi roots outfit Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition lift the bar even higher. Things calm down for the final two tracks, Wild Goose Chase and Heartbreak Airplane; a couple of gentle ballads, but otherwise Klein maintains a great rocking tempo throughout to create a thoroughly listenable set. Boybutante Dreams, about a man transitioning to a woman, emphasises that the artist is confident tackling the most controversial of subjects; and it’s a great song. I particularly liked the opening track Song For A New Year which sets the pace and tone for much of the rest of the album. This one is sure to find its way into my CD tray pretty regularly. John Roffey

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