Adult Population Also Benefited

The tremendous strides in housing, the progress in sanitation and hygiene, the advances in nutrition, and the higher standard of living have also done much to improve the comfort and well-being of our adult population. Other factors that have contributed to their well-being are our vast technological and sociological advances that improved working conditions and reduced the hours of labor, thus providing more time for play, relaxation, and cultural pursuits.

It is, therefore, all the more depressing to realise that in spite of these advances the life span of our adult population has shown only a nominal increase, if any at all, while the many degenerative diseases have continued to multiply at a tremendous rate. >

We fully agree with I. J. Rodale, editor of Prevention, a monthly magazine devoted to health, who said: His [mans] body is ravaged by disease just as much as ever, in spite of the unconvincing mortality statisticians who, by their quirky, higher mathematics, measure death instead of health, who juggle day-old babies into the death averages. I am fifty-four and am no longer a day-old babe. I want a mortality statistic tailored to my own needs and not to that of a baby.13 13 Prevention, July, 1952.

Our aim should not be to offer an excuse for the existence of these conditions, but to discover what the causes are and make an effort to correct them.

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