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This blog is meant to give you some great ideas that you can take forward to help you to lose weight. But while it is a useful and thought provoking resource, it’s not the whole story. There’s more to learn and more to read.

In fact, this is the first blog in a series of five, each containing twenty chapters with each chapter describing a useful means to lose weight. Each blog covers many different aspects of losing weight in as easy and enjoyable a way as possible. These amazingly useful methods set the pace that the next will take forward.

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Each blog can be read in any order and each chapter can be read in any order. There is no need to work methodically through each chapter one afer the other. Some of the ideas will already be known to you and some you may even have already tried with varying levels of success. Others will be new to you, or will be presented in ways that you may not have thought about. You’re sure to find inspiration and motivation in these pages.

But the great thing about this series is that no one expects all of them to work for all people. We are all different and because of that, what works for one person may not work so well for another. With 100 of these tips, ideas and strategies collected together and to hand in five separate blogs, you have the very best chance of finding enough ways to help you achieve your own weight loss goals. And that’s all you need to do, after all. Succeed!

Here’s to your well earned and thoroughly deserved success!

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