African American Hairstyles

Haircare Guide For Best African American Hairstyles

Using a moisturizing conditioner or leave-in treatment conditioner can help your hair to retain the water and moisture that it needs. Paying attention to the ingredients in a product will help you to determine whether the product is good for your hair and will give your hair proper moisture.

Water-based products are the best choice. If the first ingredient listed is water, that’s a good sign. Other moisturizing extracts and humectants include aloe vera, glycerin, honey and sorbitol. Humectants are designed to attract moisture from the air and are beneficial in helping the hair to retain moisture.

Some ingredients that you do not want to find in your products are petroleum by products, such as petroleum jelly or mineral oil. These ingredients are not your friends when it comes to retaining moisture. Even though they may be able to seal moisture in after the initial wash, they will also prevent any more moisture from because they heavily coat the hair shaft.

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