African Braids

Correcting Fly-away Hair Ends For African Braids


2-3 drops Jojoba oil.


1. Pour oil on your palm.

2. Put your palms against the other and rub in circles slightly.

3. Run oiled hands over your hair to straighten out fly away and frizzy hair ends.

Homemade Herbal Rinse.

This rinse balances the pH of your scalp, reduces the buildup of hair care products after hair conditioning.

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It gives your hair the shine it deserves and helps the manageability of your hair.

Importance of Herbal Rinse.

1. Fights against and heals inflammation.

2. Heals chemical and synthetic hair treatments skin problems.

3. Serves as a dandruff treatment.

4. Reduces hair grease.

Ingredients Herbs (check table below) 2 cups distilled water.

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