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Daily washing maybe a choice, for example, for those who exercise every day. However, keep in mind that this denies the scalp the opportunity to return to its natural state. It also disturbs the acidic environment of the scalp that keeps disease and infections away including head lice and other insects, bacteria and fungus that love the warm, humid environment of the scalp. It is important to remember that most soaps, shampoos, and hair-care products change the acid balance of the hair. So, a good follow-up conditioning routine that restores the acidity is critical if you wash very often.

Place hair in a gentle holding style after washing and allow it to dry.

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Afro hair swells and absorbs a huge amount of water when wet and that means it also takes a long time to dry thus. In fact long Afro hair can take a day or two to dry! (Just for your information – The swelling of the hair is exploited, for example, by hair color makers and used to force large color molecules into the hair shaft so that the color is trapped under the cuticle when the hair dries). The tendency of the cuticle in Afro hair to always be partly open is not helped by the tendency of water to form weak bonds with the proteins in the hair shaft.

It is recommended that you dry your hair naturally as often as you can. It is a drag but it helps the hair to remain in its best and healthiest state.

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