These days, tattoos are considered a norm and society are slowly accepting and changing their views on those with tattoos- as tattoos were previously linked to criminal organizations, A.K.A gangs. In today’s time, tattoos are considered as a form of art and expression.

This year, a trend had taken the world by storm: Blackout Tattoo. Blackout Tattoo first appeared in the limelight after the works of Singapore’s Tattoo artist, Chester Lee, from Oracle Tattoo, started making the rounds online. Blackout tattoo involves covering parts of the body with solid areas, shapes and patterns using black ink.

Mr. Lee’s works have sparked the interest among tattoo and art enthusiasts, as well as international media outlets on this latest tattoo trend, some even calling him a pioneer of the craft’.

The most common decision for people getting blackout tattoo is to cover up old ones-as it is a convenient way to cover up tattoos that they no longer like, irrational decisions or mistakes-, however, there are also others who opt for blackout tattoos as they simply like the uniqueness of the look.

According to Mr. Lee, blacking out the skin highlights certain contours of the body and presents an opportunity to use the negative space as a form of expression. Unlike regular tattoos, the process for blackout tattoos is more time-consuming.

Tattoos are a unique and permanent piece of art on the bodies, but with beauty come risk. According to Cancer Specialists, the latest trend of Blackout tattoos poses a risk of melanoma. Apart from that, there are also risks of infections, bleeding and allergic reactions are greater as well as the possibility of Keloids, an abnormal scarring of the skin due to the larger surface area of the blackout tattoo.


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