AIt’s Breast Cancer Wareness Month Here’s How to Get Involved…


Ditch your regular clothes for shadesof pink on Friday October 20 toshow your support for Breast CancerAwareness Month (BCAM)! It doesn’tmatter where you are – you can holdyour own event at your office, home orschool and make a donation to BreastCancer Now. The charity hopes that,by 2050, everyone who develops breastcancer will survive. As well as fundraising,getting involved is a great way to learnmore about the risks, symptoms andstatistics of breast cancer. So, thisBCAM wear pink and donate; it’s thateasy! Visit


Dress up in your gladrags this BCAM andgo to a fashion show in the name of BreastCancer Care. The Show Scotland is now inits 15th year, and includes a lunch and dinnerevent on October 26 at the Hilton Hotel inGlasgow. Enjoy a delicious three-course lunchor four-course dinner and drinks, and watcha celebrity-hosted fashion show with 23incredibly courageous women taking tothe catwalk following their breast cancerdiagnosis. Tickets start from £65 per person,Book your place at

AIt’s Breast Cancer Wareness Month Here’s How to Get Involved… Photo Gallery


Elemis has been supporting Breast CancerCare for 15 years now by creating pinkproducts every October to raise awarenessof breast cancer and remind women to gettheir breasts checked regularly. This year, it’spledging to raise £25,000 for the charity fromselling its best-sellingPro-Collagen Marine Cream(£99; withlimited-edition pinkpackaging. Created witha blend of algae, ELEMIS’hero anti-ageing cream willleave your skin hydrated,radiant and firm.

AIt’s Breast Cancer Wareness Month Here’s How to Get Involved…


Calling all adrenaline junkies! Jump out of aplane at 10,000 feet and do your bit for breastcancer research. The Big Pink Jump is BreastCancer Now’s flagship skydive event, and withthe British Parachute Association’s qualifiedinstructors, you’ll be in safe hands. Just £70gets you a skydive and fundraising tips, plusencouragement and support from the charity’schallenge events team. Simply fundraise £395in England and Wales or £450 in Scotland.Sign up at Good luck!


National charity, Breast Cancer Haven, hasteamed up with celebrity photographer KeithRogers to create a unique photo and filmseries called ‘Helping To Find You Again’, inwhich women document their experiences ofbreast cancer. Kim, a survivor of three boutsof breast cancer says having cancer haschanged her life, but Breast Cancer Havenhelped her find the new, better version ofherself. Whether you’ve had breast cancer orhave supported someone whohas, share your story using#ThisIsMe. The charity hascentres nationwide where itoffers support and therapiesincluding mindfulness, massagecounselling, acupuncture andreflexology free of charge;


Treat yourself or a friend and support the cause.

A deliciously sweetblend of spices,guarana, liquoriceand pink peppercornmake this KusmiSweet Love tea(from £5; the perfect autumncup. Ten per cent of the profits go toBreast Cancer Haven.

Look after your lashes withthe limited edition RevitaLashPink (£104; per cent of all proceedsfrom this deep-conditioningcream will go to breastcancer research at Cityof Hope treatment andresearch centre in California( and LookGood Feel Better (see below).

Fancy a cuppa? Head downto healthy hangout Squirrel( in London’sSouth Kensington to get your handson a pink Mangosteen latte. Allproceeds will be donated toBreast Cancer Care.Look Good Feel Better is a charitysupporting women by tackling cancerside-effects through the transformativepower of make-up.Grab the newFeel UniqueAnti-BacterialBrush Set (£34.99; make yourselffeel better in moreways than one– 12 per centof proceedswill go to thisawesome charity.

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