Alicia Keys Hairstyles – Haircuts – Hair Colors 2019

What do you enjoy most about playing this character, and how did you get prepared for the role?

Magnolia is extremely dynamic. She’s fashionable, smart, driven and successful.

But there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. It was really cool to explore all the layers that make this girl who she is. I knew very little about my character going into the project, so before every single table read, I would dig into the script and learn a little bit more about her and what she was going through. It was literally like putting a puzzle together over the course of the season. I really just enjoyed the journey. To prepare for this show and this role, I wanted to learn more about the pageant world. I ordered a bunch of books about pageants, worked with a phenomenal pageant coach, Bill Alverson, and attended the Miss Teen America beauty pageant. A few of us also got to spend time with the contestants at a slumber party a couple days before the big event. It was so interesting and helpful to hear from real teen-pageant queens.

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You’ve had the opportunity to play a wide variety of roles so far in your career, from your part on Glee to this

latest project. What do you think is the key to your versatility as an actress?

I love to research in order to get into the headspace of each character I take on.

Each process is distinct and specific to the role I’m playing at the time. The process could include reading certain books or watching films, traveling to particular sites or immersing myself in relevant environments.

It really depends. I just think about what might be most helpful for me when preparing for a specific part, and I roll up my sleeves and do that.

What is your day-to-day hair-care routine, and can you share some of your favorite tips?

Day to day, I really try to do as little with my hair as possible. When I’m not filming,

I tend to wear my natural curls. I do a lot of deep-conditioning and wear protective styles. A slicked-back bun is my go-to. It’s easy and looks superclean and classic. Some of my hair-care tips: Condition as often as possible; use sulfate-free products; and find a good detangler. Also, wear scrunchies— they don’t break your hair when pulling them off—and try hair steaming! It will help with product absorption and give your hair a nice shine.

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