I drive people crazy with blush: Applying it to others’ faces is almost an involuntary impulse for me. When I walk into a department store where I have a makeup counter, I almost always reach for blush and a brush to give a lift to the sales associates there. Nothing makes a woman look prettier than a shot of blush. And there is no faster up if you’re lagging in the middle of a long afternoon.

While choosing the right shade of blush seems to be difficult for many women, getting it right is surprisingly simple. (And, like much of my method, you will learn to be the best judge of the blush shade that works for you.)

Your perfect blush shade is the color of your cheek when you are flushed or exercising. That is the most critical aspect of blush. Since I like blush to look natural, I prefer shades that are rose-toned, pink-toned, or tawny brown. It follows that the lighter your skin is, the lighter your blush shade should be. The darker your skin, the deeper the blush.

Matching blush tone with lipstick color might sound like advice from your grandmother, but this is one beauty rule that is well worth following. (It was once commonplace for a woman to rub a little lipstick onto her cheeks for a lift of color the original perfect match.)

If lipstick color is:




coral or orange



Use this color blush:

reddish or pink rose

pink-toned peach or apricot bronze

pink, orange, or red, depending on the undertone of the lipstick



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