Then: moisturizer

Preparation sequence: about 5 minutes

Mixing: small bowl and spoon

Storage: Dry mix: zip bag, shallow tub / jar or tin box

Product quantity: approx. 12 applications

1 cup almond flour

water, milk, or intense cream

For what: all skin types

Usage: daily or when needed

Mix 2 teaspoons of almond flour with enough liquid to prepare the dough. Spread the wet face and lengthwise and gently massage for 1 minute. Rinse with warm water.


I also joined a second baby group through our local health unit. Two of the women in this group had also spent their last weeks of pregnancy on home-based bed rest. We were all having the same challenges recovering from months on the couch. It was these connections with other new moms and being honest about how I was feeling, that helped me through the early days of motherhood. I was confined to bed rest early in my pregnancy due to preeclampsia or hypertension (high blood pressure). As a nurse, I knew how serious my condition was and the importance of resting. During my pregnancy I was careful about everything I put in my mouth, didn’t drink caffeine, and did prenatal yoga. Despite doing everything right, I still ended up with complications. The worst part of being at home on bed rest was being alone with my thoughts. I felt guilty about having somehow caused my condition.

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