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Nestled in the Italian countryside, envisioned by local architect Alessandro Agrati of Culti, Alpine Chalet is a retreat based on the concept of natural living complemented with invisible yet perceptive technology

regeneration. The classic but contemporary Alpine Chalet, built on three levels in the old town centre of Courmayeur (a commune in northern Italy) houses a private spa, though that is definitely not its most important feature – it is the hidden technology employed here. Alessandro Agrati, the founder and driving force of an Italian luxury lifestyle brand Culti, is the man behind the interior design venture, or the comfort project as he likes to call it. The feeling of wellness that permeates every corner of this space is the result of high-tech science that isperceptive, yet discrete: The perfect climate control, which ensures a uniform flow of dehumidified hot/cold air, a considered use of sunlight and artificial light, and the decision to opt for natural materials like wood, stone and iron that age well. The home spa designed in the basement, is concieved around the theme of natural well-being.

The magnificent landscape seamlessly permeates the interiors through large windows – a key design element that forms a natural tableau behind the fireplace in the living room. All the furniture has been carefully deliberated on, made by artisans exclusively for the house, in regular consultation with the owners. Alessandro explains, Complicity with the client is essential. I like to involve and get involved. We have been in perfect sync on this project. Every detail has been looked into by both of us. Together with the lady of the house we selected the cashmere fabric by Loro Piana to upholster the sofas in front of the fireplace; we have tried to achieve harmony between the grain of the Dorada stone used in the spa and that of the wood on the ceiling. We have strived for the right degree of uniformity between the old oak wood used for the flooring, the panelling and the furniture, opting for an artisanal thermal treatment that eliminates the need for staining. The designer adds that the initial brief was to create an exclusive home, with an emphasis on quality that could satisfy the clients’ desire for a space that was comfortable and genuinely convivial, without being ostentatious. They also asked for a welcoming house that was easy to use, practical and did not require any heavy maintenance. Alessandro elaborates,The experience I have garnered at Culti has enabled me to perfect home spa technology, making it possible to increasingly customise them, further reduce their water and energy dependence, and activate them using a phone so that they can be enjoyed as soon as one arrives, without having to wait. Courmayeur’s history as a spa centre and the wash house fountain in the town square have also been sources of inspiration.

Left Built on three levels, the “comfort project” was constructed keeping in mind the considered use of sunlight and materials that age well like wood, stone and iron. The quaint living room with its earthy elements shows how the play of natural illumination can enhance a space. Light streaming in through the large glass windows that frame the snowy landscape brightens up the wooden flooring and the fireplace made of sculptured Corten steel. The sofas sourced from Culti, upholstered in cashmere fabric by Loro Piana infuse warmth into the space

After a strenuous day on the ski slopes, retreating to the sanatorium with its Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi and snow mineral shower is an ideal way to relax and seekinner.

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