Amanda Seyfried Red Carpet Looks

Bina Punjani, Celebrity Hairstylist & Owner Amanda Seyfried

Trends recommended: I see a lot of texture when it comes to bridal, especially styles that are glamourous, yet undone, and easy. Another trend is experimental braids with soft curls, and those that are created around the head, rather than down. Colour makes any hairdo stand out. It works very well with colour dipped ends for a sun kissed look.

Zeroing on the look for a bride: We individualise looks for the bride and it depends on the face shape, hair parting, and the functions planned. We keep their preferences in mind, and are constantly conversing with the brides to zero in on a look that is stylish.

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My personal touch: It varies from bride to bride, but I do love to embellish a hairstyle to make it stand out. We also try to bring in elements of modernity to every look.

Favourite products: Dusting powder, hairspray, mousse, working spray, colour pigments, and more. Amanda Seyfried

Do’s and don’ts in pre bridal hair care regimen: Do not mess with your skin, so avoid bleaches, and go for home remedies, or soft-luxurious products; a good diet is important for healthy hair; colour your hair 15 days before the wedding; test your hairstyle before the wedding, and make sure you keep the weather in mind – curls do not hold well in humid weather; research your stylist, and make sure your styles match.

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