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Inspiration to be a part of wellness The spa and wellness industry offers plenty of international opportunities. This industry is awash with experienced professionals who want to share their knowledge and cultivate new talent. There is Amber Heard

scope for growth as a professional. I love my job and enjoy access to the services and products I promote. The work environment is clean, safe, and beautiful and it has the ability to truly impact the lives of those around you. I was immediately fascinated by products and ingredients and learned so much from that experience – from how to manage a team to how to make the customer’s experience memorable and positive. The spa and beauty industry appeared daunting as it was exciting, but, I knew it was the industry for me.

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View on the wellness industry in India The urban salon market is small by international standards, Amber Heard but growing at a rapid pace. Indeed, the KPMG Wellness Sector report released in April this year predicted the size of India’s beauty and wellness market to nearly double to ‘80,370 cr by 2017-18 from ‘41,224 crore in 2012-13.

The growing business has attracted private equity firms, large number of domestic entrants, and international players. Established players are pursuing revenue maximisation through product and service diversification, and are exploring new global and domestic markets. Franchise business model is emerging as a popular option for scaling up. Companies are actively seeking public and private equity investments to fuel their growth. While there is strong optimism about future growth prospects, recovery of investments may spread over a longer horizon than anticipated.

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