Analgesic Oil Homemade

Another oil used for the relief of aches and pains.

Replace the essential oils in the Loosen-Up Body Oil with 40 drops of wintergreen essential oil, 40 drops of lavender essential oil and 28 drops of black pepper essential oil.

Analgesic Oil Homemade Photo Gallery

I retained my Facebook platform and social media following as part of the sale, so that I could continue to speak to the audience I had built up over the years. The hardest part about selling the businesses was the way I felt about walking away from the members who had been a part of my dream and had given so much support to me and the business. I really felt like I was letting them down. Some thought I was selling out, cashing up and running away. The majority of them got it though, because I had been very tranbeauty sparent about what I was going through. I understand that many of the members really felt connected to me personally, and were disappointed that I was no longer a part of it. But I like to think that the new owners will be attracting a whole new bunch of women who connect with them, and may not have related to me. They have also retained a strong regional management team, which proves how loyal the staff are. I initially continued to do some work for Motivate Me as part of the handover, but it was also a big relief to take a step back. I needed time for myself.

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