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How’s this for a cast? Tuppence Middleton, Anna Maxwell Martin, Aidan Turner (sadly keeping his clothes on), Miranda Richardson and Sam Neill all appear in this fab three-part Agatha Christie adaptation. Sam says: There is something the British find in middle-class murder that is rather comforting. Pop a hot water bottle under the covers and watch some people being murdered, but let’s not forget the Ovaltine.

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It’s the final – with the two, jittery, remaining candidates being summoned by Big Al to launch their businesses. It’s a bad start for one (ignoring some sound advice from a marketing bigwig, oh dear), but they plough on regardless, and by the end someone will emerge triumphant!

Here’s the obligatory Xmas ghost story. Harry Price (Rafe Spall) was a real-life ghosthunter in the ’20s, and in this two-parter we’ll see him scratching his head over the wife of an MP, who’s found babbling and naked in the streets. Is there a rational explanation for her behaviour or possibly a more ghostly reason? Cara Theobold (The Syndicate) pops up as his accomplice, Sarah.


Enjoy two seasonal specials of this popular comedy where Agnes gets up to no good and into more (hilaire!) scrapes. (Also catch Fiona O’Carroll from the show on All Star Mr & Mrs on Wed 23 Dec, 8pm, ITV.)

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