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Team work Anne Hathaway

Whenever I take up a project, I first read the script, study the characters, research, and then design every character based on the script. These designs can be in the form of photoshopped images or sketches. Post that I share designs with the director and finalise. During look tests, I brief and guide my team so that it is easier for them to execute the same on the set.

Evolution as an artist Anne Hathaway

As a make-up artist, growing and learning is an ongoing process. One gets to learn new techniques and aspects in make-up on a daily basis. Everyday I am learning something new and grow with it. Every project teaches me something new and I joyously look forward to it. The Internet, too, has helped disperse information and knowledge at great speed!

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Current trend

From fresh dewy make-up to the smudged-eye look, and going bold with daring range of colours, make-up trends are more diverse than ever. The 80s are definitely back in fashion leaving its mark with the use of bold colours and big hair which is merged with different styles of braids.

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