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I We are offering the best of the international brands. Takara Belmont from Japan has a complete range of equipment like hair setting, hair styling equipment, facial treatment equipment and hot or cool Towel cabinets. Continuum Pedispa from USA has the most comfortable pedispa units for pedicure and manicure. Oakworks from USA has massage beds of international standard. We plan to add more brands.


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The beauty salon and spa industry like any other industry is also facing certain challenges. Lack of skilled manpower and organised training institutes are the biggest issues. The operational cost is increasing and is not in proportion to the revenue. This makes a service provider use poor quality products which is not healthy for the market to grow. Also, technically sound engineers and technicians to maintain and service the equipment on a regular basis is required. Too many new products are there in the market, which has made maintaining a standard to be a challenge. Salon owners have become price conscious.

Make-up Artist,l Kryolan, Bangalore Forecast for 2018

Make-up will be about flawless sheer cover foundation with smooth finish or wet finish colour eye shades and lips, and a lot of butter finish highlighter. I would love to ditch the champagne colour highlighter and go for a light blue or mauve tone highlighter.

Face: It should look smooth, sheer and flawless with a matt finish on the T-zone. Velvet finish highlighter should be sheer by nature and light weight for a monochromatic strobing effect.

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