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FACE & EYES Anne Hathaway HAD A DERMAMELAN PEEL, £1,250, AND TRIBROW LIFT, £1,700, AT THE CADOGAN CLINIC (DRMARYAMZAMANI.COM) ‘I heard that Dr Maryam Zamani is the person to see for eyes – and if her own skin was anything to go by, I knew I was in great hands. Five months before the wedding, she prepped my skin with a Dermamelan peel to reduce blemishes and sun spots.

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A brown paste was painted onto Anne Hathaway skin and left on for 12 hours. It didn’t burn, but it did tingle and my face looked sunburnt for the next two days. On days three to five I peeled, but a week later my skin looked brighter and fresher. A month later I went back to see Dr Zamani for her famous TriBrow Treatment to liven up my tired-looking eyes. She started with ultherapy – an ultrasound energy that is fired into skin to stimulate collagen and elastin.

Despite painkillers it was very pinchy, but the results get even better in time, with new collagen taking about two months to kick in. Next, she injected Botox under Anne brow bone to lift my eyebrows, which instantly made me look younger. Lastly, she put some filler under Anne Hathaway eyes to soften the dark shadowing, which really helped. In the run-up to the wedding, I hosted a mehndi henna party for 130 people and was running around doing all sorts of errands. So I was tired on the big day… but because of this brilliant treatment, I didn’t look it!’

TOP TIP ‘Part serum, part tonic, the green, foresty-smelling Orveda Healing Sap (£125, heals and hydrates skin with a potent brew of kombucha black tea, marine enzymes and a prebiotic that strengthens the skin’s barrier function. Apply to even out rosy skintones or to calm skin,’ says contributing beauty editor Olivia Falcon.

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