Anti Aging Against Aging

Anti Aging Against Aging

As we age, our natural colors begin to fade; our lip color is less noticeable, our skin color becomes less vivid. If your skin is pastel tones, you may feel like your color is faded. In this case you will need more vivid lipstick and blush colors that have been carefully applied and thoroughly applied to the skin.

As a result, blushing for aged skin is the most effective makeup product. A youthful skin on a faded skin can soften the lines, soften the sagging, and give the skin a younger look. By making you look healthier, it can be a sign of years in a snap.

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But the place where you keep your herd today may not be the same as it was ten years ago. Natural changes in the shape of the face will also cause a change in the make-up application techniques. We can put our cheeky bones up to 35 years old. Along with the initial signs of aging, we begin to lose our greasy tissue and natural pits form under our cheekbones. For a softer look at this point, it will be better to drive towards the center of the face and the prominent places of the cheeks.

It is much better to use cream or gel blushes on dry or over 30-year-old binders. Why? Once it gives a soft, translucent, damp look and does not fill the fine lines and wrinkles like dust blush.

Using the lower part of your finger, apply a small piece of cream or gel blush to the protruding point of your cheekbones. Mix well until you reach a natural, healthy glow and eat well on your skin.

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