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The exterior is a dramatic juxtaposition of lines and planes. Was it deliberate? SK: By virtue of the geometry of the house, various planes were designed, each serving a purpose. The ones on the roof act as drainage lines, while some support ducting underneath.

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The Vexilla must have been the cleanest ship on the island when we arrived. All the tanks sludge-free – even the engine room bilges were clean. The loading plan was to take a full black oil cargo for Japan. As I drank within the drinking society in which I lived, from time to time I thought of my father. Was I him? Was I becoming him? He was a second son too. Second sons are supposedly driven people, driving themselves to catch up with the first son. We second sons strive harder. We act more outrageously. We are often accused of under-confidence, which From left to right: John, the author and Barry in Bugis Street Market, Singapore late one night. we hate and deny.

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