Prime the eye, using a velour powder puff to dust your eyelid with face powder. Then, using a shadow brush, apply your highlighter shadow all over lid, from lash line to brow.
Apply medium shadow color on your lower lid, from lash line to the crease of your eye.
Use the darkest shadow color as liner. Dampen a narrow eyeliner brush before applying any shadow; this will make for longer wear. Make an X in your eye shadow with your dampened brush and then drag only the tip of the brush through the X you’ve created; following this pattern will help ensure that you are picking up a sufficient amount of powder. Blow off any excess powder; this will ensure that your shadow will not flake.
Grasp the liner brush as you would a normal writing pencil, and place it close to your eye. Lift your chin and tilt your head back slightly as you look in the mirror, so that you can see clearly along your lash line. Be careful to line the full length of the eye: Don’t forget the space between the inner corner of the eye and the beginning of the lashes. If you have light-colored lashes, be especially careful to apply liner on top of lashes so that there is no blank space between lash and lid.
Contour shadow as desired for evening or special events. Use a medium-tone shadow with a contour brush. Apply at the outer corner of eye, following the natural line of the brow bone. (See Special Effect Contouring below.)
To apply mascara, roll the wand as you stroke mascara on your lashes. Rather than piling on a lot of mascara in one coat, do two or three light coats, waiting briefly between coats to allow mascara to dry.
Finally, add a touch of highlighting color. Use your finger or shadow brush to place a little highlighter just below the most arched portion of the brow.


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