To apply, use a small, hard brush, flat and angled at the tip. For longer-last-ing color, dampen the brush slightly before dipping it into the shadow color. Blow off the excess and start applying it at the most populated area of brow to avoid laying down too much color. Finish by combing your brows up with a hard eyebrow brush or a firm toothbrush that you’ve designated for the job.
To tone down a too dark or too heavy brow color application, press face powder onto your brow with a powder puff.
For holes in your brow, fill in with brow pencil. Then go over entire length of brow with shadow, using a brush.
To create a brow where hair is sparse or nonexistent, use a brow pencil to draw in the brow line. Then go over the line with shadow, using a brush.
To lengthen brows that are too short, use the above technique pencil first, then shadow.
Brown mascara may also be used to fill in brow. But this requires a light touch if there’s too much mascara on the wand, wipe it down with a tissue.



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