Are ail complementary therapies beneficial for fertility pregnancy?

Are ail complementary therapies beneficial for fertility pregnancy?

I believe that some therapies can be beneficial to people who are trying to conceive, even though there may not be much, or any, scientific evidence to prove this. The therapies I offer in my clinic include:

Most importantly, at my clinic we offer a plan of action based on a questionnaire that pinpoints what you need to do to help you to get pregnant.

The fact that I offer only the therapies above does not mean that I believe others are of no help for fertility. However, I think you should be careful if using Chinese or any other type of herbal medicine, unless you are working with a registered practitioner, because of the risk of harmful interaction between the treatment and either your diet, any prescription medicines you might be taking, or even just your body’s natural processes. Many herbs have interactions with medications and can disrupt your hormones, so just because something is herbal and therefore natural it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe.

What should I do first pregnancy?

Once you have researched what the benefits are of a particular therapy and found a potential practitioner, go and talk to him or her before you sign up to any course of treatment. My golden rule is that you should feel comfortable with that person. The patient-practitioner relationship is, I believe, key to the success of a complementary therapy. If you feel that the therapist talks more about himself or herself than about you or is putting pressure on you to commit to treatment, or if you simply don’t click with that person, then treatment may not be as effective for you. I am a firm believer in gut feeling; it is easy to want to believe everything you are told, but give yourself a little time to reflect before making a final choice of therapy and practitioner. Keep in mind that even though one treatment works for one individual, it may not work for another.

Don’t sign up for a long course of treatments and don’t flit from one treatment to another, trying one then moving on before you have had a chance to see if it works. That said, it is also important that you set yourself a timeframe for treatment: you should not be going week after.

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