Are there any good strategies to help me rebalance my life pregnancy?

Are there any good strategies to help me rebalance my life pregnancy?

To get a clearer idea of whether you have the right balance in your life, draw a pie chart, similar to the ones shown below. Assess what percentage of your time you spend doing each element during a typical week (the areas below are suggestions only). Once you have drawn up your pie chart, you can decide whether you think the balance is right. If it is not, aim to re-adjust the areas that most need work on and that can be changed.

How can we make the most of the time we spend together pregnancy?

It is easy, when you live with someone, to get on a treadmill of routine and rarely venture off it into an activity that you do not normally do together. Yet doing something different invariably has an instant effect of revitalizing the relationship and of placing you both in a situation of novelty and of newly (re)discovered fun. Boredom and familiarity often decrease the amount of pleasure that you get out of each other’s company. Think of the first time you went shopping with your partner, even to the supermarket: the novelty factor of discovering each other’s likes and dislikes made the whole experience (almost!) enjoyable. Yet, before long, the whole process becomes a mundane chore. Every couple can benefit from re-injecting that breath of fresh air into their daily lives. It’s a question of deciding where that fresh air will come from.

One of the recurring problems that couples complain about is their lack of time. It is true that many of them lack the time to do anything but eat, sleep, and work, but they have to reach a stage where they want to change their lifestyle so that their health, their relationship, and even their fertility improve.

If you always seem to be chronically short of time, then think again: try keeping a diary of everything you do for a week, and the hours at which you do it. Is there any room for manoeuvre pregnancy? Do you have to work those hours every day pregnancy? Do you have to spend so long on the shopping, or would it be more time-efficient to buy more of it locally or to shop online pregnancy? Making a few small time-savings could enable you to take time out with your partner. This might mean a trip to the bowling alley or a walk in the park instead of a walk round the aisles of a supermarket.

When work dominates your life and all you can do when you get home is to slump in front of the television, there is little time left for leisure activities that make for a healthy lifestyle and improve fertility.

Making slight adjustments to your life balance – increasing time spent exercising and relaxing, for example – will help you improve your health and therefore your chances of conceiving.

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