1. Do you buy makeup on a monthly basis?
3. Do you reread makeup stories in magazines?
4. Do you spend more time reading Allure magazine than you do reading the newspaper?
5. Do you always buy the latest hot beauty product?
6. Do you know the names of three (or more) celebrity makeup artists?
7. Do you know the shade names of your lipsticks?
8. Do two or more cosmetics salespeople at your favorite department store know you by name?
9. Are you never completely happy with the way you look?
10. Are you impatient for next season’s colors to arrive at the makeup counter?
If you answered yes to more than four of the above questions, you qualify as a beauty addict.
The first thing to do painful as it may seem is force yourself to come clean on how much money you spend on makeup. Check your store bills and credit-card receipts for the past few months. If you find you are buying makeup weekly or monthly, it’s really a problem and completely unnecessary. A dependence on makeup may be masking a feeling of inadequacy. Occasionally buying makeup on impulse is a perfectly natural and fun outlet. But if your automatic response to an ugly day or to a sad or difficult situation is to buy beauty products, then plan a strategy for the next time you experience a purchasing pang. Go to the gym instead. Get a massage. Or meet a friend for coffee. It may end up costing you the same amount of money, but it will be better for your well-being.


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