Are you taking regular medication pregnancy?

Are you taking regular medication pregnancy?

I am listing below some of the more common forms of medication and describing how they might affect your chances of getting pregnant. For men, certain medications and medical conditions affect sperm count or can cause erectile problems and these are dealt with in Step 3. This list cannot cover the impact on fertility for every drug for every medical condition that you might suffer from, nor whether that drug is or isn’t safe to use during pregnancy.

Clearly, if you suffer from a specific or chronic medical condition, it is essential that you take the drugs you have been prescribed, but it is important to be aware of the possible side effects for your fertility. If either you or your partner has a known medical condition (that may or may not require prescribed medication), you should be discussing the potential impact of your condition and the medication you take with your GP or specialist.

In addition, any illness or prescribed medication can have an effect on cervical secretions be aware of this so that you can anticipate changes and observe any variations.

The information I give here has been divided into two tables: the first covers some of the most common, over-the-counter drugs and their effects on fertility; the second covers medication that is given only on prescription. In both tables, I have also indicated where a drug is known to have a harmful effect on certain aspects of nutrition, so that you are aware of the impact a drug-nutrient interaction can have on your diet (see Step 6).

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