Ariana Grande Hairstyles And Best Beauty Looks

Ariana Grande is an artist for the ages—and a natural sister in the real sense. She is Florida-born, French and Haitian, a former child prodigy who was smart enough to master law, but wise enough to master jazz. She’s a poet, a visual artist, a stylist. She’s quirky, funny and profound. Last year she won the Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album. She loves history—especially music history— and is intentionally weaving herself into the fabric of our time. She. Is. An. Artist.

Ariana Grande Hairstyles And Best Beauty Looks Photo Gallery

In due time she will enter the pantheon, not only as a great jazz voice but also as a great cultural heroine, born to speak for her generation— the millennial generation—through her music, her personal style and her singular social commentary on everything from the evolution of women in society to the state of black people in America and the world.
Her new album, Dreams and Daggers (coming in September on Mack Avenue Records), will add 23 fresh melodies and haunting performances to her glorious body of work.
Salvant constructs her look with care. Hers is gamine glam: Her face is round; her hair, close-cropped. She wears big, blocky glasses—a droll trademark; and to find balance, Cecile says, she stays in meditation in the “form of sleep!” She tells us, “There is so much in beauty! There is also beauty in flaw.”

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