Ariana Grande Inspired Ponytail Hairstyles

Hi I’m Cristin Dominique and today I’m going to be doing this high ponytail right here it’s also really popular by Ariana Grande she wears it pretty often and it’s also my go-to hairstyle it’s a lazy girl hairstyle which works out for everybody especially if you’re going to school work or even on a date it looks really chic and cute. So if you want to learn how to get it then keep reading. So, I just finished brushing my hair, I want to make sure that it’s nice and tangle free.

So that we start on our ponytail what you’re gonna need is two hair ties and some bobby pins. So what you’re gonna do is take a little tiny portion of your hair just right here and then tie the hair tie around it and then pull it up at the very top as much as you can. So that your hair it has that fullness at the top I’m gonna take these extensions right here and these are the 20 inch dirty blonde extensions I’m gonna take some that are three clip wets and then some that are too.

Ariana Grande Inspired Ponytail Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So we’re gonna start off with the three three clip webs. So now I’m going to clip in the three clip weft and this is going to give your ponytail a ton of volume and extra length. So I’m going to turn around.

So, I can show you guys how to clip them in. So I’m gonna start out with the three clip weft and I’m going to just clip it into the top the middle section I’m going to clip into the top of the ponytail and then just go around the ponytail I’m going to first do the three clip weft and then I’m going to go down to the two as you go down you want to make sure that you’re going closer to your scalp we’re gonna be able to see if the clip-ins at this point but that’s okay because we are going to cover them with the hair that’s already down okay. So there now I’m gonna take the rest of my hair here and just put it into a ponytail and this is my basic hi fluffy ponytail if you want to add that ariana grande touch all you have to do is grab some hair from the back of your ponytail as thick or as thin as you want you just want to make sure it covers the band and then just wrap it around then you want to take a bobby pin just just secure it in the back I’m just gonna add a little bit of hairspray to tame the baby hairs and yep that’s it this is my ponytail / Ariana Grande inspired fluffy pony thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial if you want to recreate this look hashtag luxy hair on instagram and don’t forget to thumbs up this post and comment and until the next post bye Dolly’s.

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