Arnica Oil Homemade

Arnica is the oil of choice for bruised soreness. Massage it gently into pained and injured area.

Make arnica-infused olive oil with arnica flowers and cold pressed olive oil. You can use fresh or dried flowers depending on what is available. If the flowers are dried, use 1 oz. of flower to

5 oz. of oil and proceed to Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Dried Herbs. If the flowers are fresh, proceed to Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Fresh Herbs.

Arnica Oil Homemade Photo Gallery

You may get frustrated. Just stay with it as long as you can until you feel a calm, gentle happiness. You may even add in some positive affirmations if that is your thing. Appreciating what I see in the mirror. It is too easy to look at yourself and focus only on the perceived flaws. I work over my body and see where my mind takes me when I look at certain ‘problem’ areas (for me these are my belly, thighs and hips). If my thoughts are negative I go back to my face, smile big and look myself in the eyes. I give myself some loving thoughts and then try again on the hips maybe from a different angle. I know this might sound dorky and weird, and perhaps you’ll want to do it in the privacy of your bedroom with the door closed, but I promise you, over time it works you actually start to train yourself to like what you see in the mirror and think good, positive thoughts when you see a reflection of your body. Mindfully noting what makes me feel good.

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