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Hi everyone, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie. And we’re from my blog.

And today, I’m going to show you how to do an arrow style braid. So let’s get started okay. I started off by having her hair all wet.

And you come from the front. And I will section off from the end of her eyebrows. And an angle that half.

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And then the other angle come back you’re going to want to have like a v-shape on the top. And if it’s not wide enough you can always fix it until it’s the desired width of your arrow okay right here, I think that would be good. I’m going to just split her hair in the middle.

And, I’m going to clip this to the side. And, I’m going to work on this side first, I’m going to take a little section here. And, I’m going to start by doing a regular braid it’s basically like a lace braid.

And just taking little pieces at a time from here. And you want this to be your guide no you’re only using just this half of the hair that you have divided okay the last piece, I’m going to join it in. And, I’m just going to do a few stitches down.

And then, I’m going to take this clip. And just click this temporarily here in place. And then, I’m going to work on, I’m going to start working on here this side right here last piece okay.

So now that, I have this last piece in together, I’m going to screw down a little bit. And take this piece in this piece. And merge it together.

And put an elastic band right in the middle. I’ll just take a little piece take this stick it through here. And just wrap it um a little piece of hair right around her elastic band.

And a couple of times, I’m gonna pull. And here’s your first arrow as it’s pointing down now the second arrow, I’m going to try to do three or four depends on how much hair, I have with her hair. So now that you’ve got this done you have this tail you’re going to split it in half equal parts try to.

So that way each side will have the right amount equal amount. So this will be good. I’m going to take this clip clip it to the side now since out of my way okay.

So now, I’m going to start from this side. And, I’m going to go right from the corner of her eyes as a guide to just pick up a little piece right here from her temple. And, I’m going to do a three-strand okay, I’m going to start with an with a regular braid.

And then, I’m going to come on over here on this half of the ponytail now, I’m going to take a small slice. And join it in with this string, I’m just going to continue to braid. And you tie them, I continue to braid a stitch, I’m going to add a slice to the side make sure that when you do add you’re in an angle because that will make your shape of the arrow.

And last one, I’m going to do a few stitches down. And I take this clip. And just hold it in place until, I’m ready for for it until, I’m ready for it now, I’m going to go.

And start with the other side okay. I have the three strands, I’m just going to start out with a braid. And, I’m going to add side.

And then just continue to do the braid. So you also want to count how many laces you’ve already done. So on the other side to match the other the other side of the braid.

I did one two three four five six seven eight nine. So you want to try to get nine strands in don’t forget to go on an angle there you go, I’m going to stitch them down a little bit more. And then take this.

And you’re going to join them in together with an elastic band. And then you’ll then, I’m just going to secure her last title a sedan with her hair came in a pull there’s your second arrow let’s fit the one over here second here. And then, I’m going to try to do another one.

I can only get just a three in right here here. And here. I’m just going to finish it off with a braid but you can do whatever you want okay.

I’m going to use a little pin to a clip to just hide this elastic band down here then there you have it thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial. And if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up.

And comment to link below. And don’t forget to check out the tutorials, I wanna thank you enjoy them. And we’ll see you next time bye.

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