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Glycyrrhiza glabra Humulus lupulus Hypericum perforatum For Your Hair and Skin

A highly useful herb which has been cultivated since the Middle Ages for its sweet, aromatic roots. Asian girl long haircuts It aids digestion and reduces inflammation along the gut, loosening the bowels. Licorice heated in honey makes a soothing syrup, helping to soothe attacks of bronchitis and asthma.

Parts used: The root (Licorice sticks) or solidified juice in the form of black bars.

Dose: 1 tsp to a cup of boiling water, caution: Not recommended for those with high blood pressure or oedema.

The name Hop comes from the Anglo-Saxon hopper), “to climb”: the twining fibrous stems may top 4.5m/15ft. Hops are taken as a bitter tonic helping both to improve digestion and to reduce any restlessness. It also has a sedative effect and will provoke deep sleep.The action is partly due to its volatile oils.

Parts used: Dried flowers from the female plant, called strobiles.

Dose: Not more than 1 tsp a day. caution: Avoid the use of Hops during any depressive illness.

To be sure that you have the right plant, hold a leaf to the sun; the oil glands look like little holes. The plant is now well known for its anti-depressant action. It is a nerve tonic which helps nervous exhaustion and damage to nerves caused by diseases such as shingles.

Parts used: Flowering tops.

Dose: 1 tsp dried/2 tsp fresh to a cup of boiling water, three times a day. caution: This remedy is best avoided when you are spending any time out in the garden when there is bright sunlight.

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