Assorted Bean Curd


6 oz. bean curd

1/2 cup cooking oil.

A pinch each minced scallion and ginger.

1 tbsp. Sherry.

1/2 cup broth.

2 tbsp. Soy sauce.

A pinch of sugar.

6 dried mushrooms soaked in hot water and cut into slices 1/2 oz.

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Bamboo shoot slices 1/2 oz. Ham, sliced 1/2 oz. Peas.

1/2 oz. Dried shrimp soaked in hot water 1/2 oz. Cooked chicken slices 1/2 oz. Cooked lean pork.

1 tomato, sliced.

2 tbsp. Cornstarch mixed with water Salt to taste.

To Prepare:

1. Cut the bean curd into diamonds and parboil.

2. Heat the oil over a high flame and stir-fry scallions and ginger for a few seconds. Add sherry, broth, salt, soy sauce, sugar, bean curd, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, ham, peas, shrimp, chicken and lean pork. Simmer for.

2 minutes, add tomato. Bring to a boil, add cornstarch. Boil again, and serve.

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