Asymmetrical bob haircut pictures

Twists and TwistOuts

Two-strand Twists and TwistOuts are my foundation hairstyles. I can wear a curl defined Chunky Afro, Curly Afro Puff and a Curly Casual Up-Do using Two-Strand Twists. Two-Strand Twists work best on hair that is about 3 inches or longer.

A Secure Two-Strand Twist

Essential Tools:

Denman Brush or detangling brush

Butterfly clips

Medium-tooth comb for sectioning


Twisting Cream/Twisting Gel or Curly Pudding Step One: Start with fresh WCD hair.

Step Two: Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner (my faves are Blended Beauty Silkshake and AS I AM Leave-in Conditioner).

Step Three: Section hair into 4 to 6 parts, using butterfly clips.

Step Four: Starting at the nape, remove a butterfly clipped section and using a medium-toothed comb gather about 1 inch of hair. (Depending on the size of twists you want to create you can gather more hair for a chunky look or less hair for well-defined curls).

Step Five: Use your Denman brush or detangle brush/comb to detangle the hair from root to tip.

Step Six: Apply your favorite curly pudding or buttercreme (about a dime to quarter size amount) to the hair and then comb/brush through. My faves are Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles and Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme.

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